The Laid-back Life in Another World of the Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned out to be a Cheat from Level 2

V1 1 - Portada

Bananza, who was summoned in the Magic Kingdom of Crylord, was disqualified as a Hero after it turned out to have only the capabilities of a normal citizen. He, who should have been returned to his world immediately after that, was unable to achieve it due to a certain error, which forced him to stay in that world. He was a normal person until then, however, at the time he reached level 2, he got all the magic and skills of that world, transcending with an incredible cheat that made his statistics exceed the limits. Even so, he decided to continue life at his own pace, along with his wife Lys, who belonged to one of the Demon Races. Time later he would change his name to Furio and continue his quiet life, however, as time passed, his house would begin to fill with new companions. A beast that he domesticated, 4 female knights, a Majin and even a Ex Demon King, however, even with those chaotic comrades, he still enjoyed his life in a relaxed way.

Original title: 【web版】Lv2からチートだった元勇者候補のまったり異世界ライフ

Alternative titles: : Chillin Different World Life of the Ex-Brave Candidate was Cheat From Lv2 /// La Relajada Vida en Otro Mundo del Ex Candidato a Héroe quien solo se volvió un Tramposo al Subir a Nivel 2 (Spanish title)

Author: Miya Kinojo

Original (Raw):

Buy the Light Novel (Digital Version) here: Japanese Ver.

Type: Web Novel.

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Daily Life.

Original Language: Japanese

Translated into English from Spanish (and into spanish from japanese with GT)


Versión en Español (Spanish Version)

Illustrations Volume 1
Illustrations Volume 2
Illustrations Volume 3
Illustrations Volume 4
Illustraciones Volume 5 ~ 7 (incomplete illustrations)

Illustrations (Characters Sketches)

Previous Chapters

Chapter 11: News

54- A Shadow that Can not Sneak
55- Something Attributable
56- It’s Tough Being the Head of the House
57- Brossam try to do something she was not used to
58.- Once In A Lifetime

Chapter 12: People who Work Hard × People who are not Rewarded

59.- Ha~a … Those people
60.- They seem to be working hard
61.- Those who come to visit and who work hard
62.- Awawawa!? For Those Who Mate
63.- Who Works Hard • Who Exaggerates • Who Doesn’t Understand

Chapter 13: The Demon King and The Wicked

64.- The Demon Army Movement
65.- The Problems of the Demon Army
66.- The Decontrol of the Demon Army
67.- The Demon Army Rupture
68.- The Dogeza of the Demon Army

Chapter 14: Infant Frenzy

69.- The Resignation of the Demonic Army and the Idol of the Furio’s House
70.- The Festival of New Life and Without Signs of Pregnancy
71.- Those who weren’t invited
72.- The Result of the Meeting of Those People
73.- Restlessness and Expectations

Chapter 15: The Most Fortunate

74.- Strong Trader and Weak Wolf
75.- Fu~u… Fu~u…
77.- Individual Differences
78.- Twins

Chapter 16: The Second Coming of the Wickeds

79.- The Second Coming of the Wickeds… Soon…
80.- Locally
81.- Three Times
82.- Furio gets angry
83.- And Finally, the Conclusion

Chapter 17: Promotion of the Demon Army

84.- Show me your Spirit!
85.- First Day of the Competition
86.- It’s Just the Second Day Guys!
87.- Battle Royal
88.- The End of the Competition

Chapter 18: Collection of Houtarou Girls

89.- The Blind Point of Uliminus
90.- Who felt happy to be recognized
91.- Emergency Situation
92.- During Event Preparations
93.- And Here it is, the Houtarou Girls Collection

Chapter 19: Let’s Go ti the Ski Slopes

94.- And so the Great Snowman Roll
95.- Rhapsody
96.- Shocking Truth ~ It turned out to be a Legendary Item
97.- Wishing to be able to Stay Permanently in this Wonderful World
98.- Quiet Days and Limit LOVERS

Chapter 20: The World That Only the Goddess Knows ~ Baby Edition

99.- Errm, Goddess-sama?
100.- It is still too soon, Elizabeth
101.- 「… Papa, pervert」
102.- At that Table
103.- The Excessive Affection of the Goddess

Chapter 21: Souziya’s Winter Festa

104.- ¡Clash! Demons VS Wickeds (My Former Fiancee)
105. Greanil & Volaris (My Former Fiancee)
106.- Furio …… & The Troubled Attitude of a Girl in Love (My Former Fiancee)
107.- It has been a while since we had fun last night, hasn’t it? (My Former Fiancee)
108.- The Undisciplined Face of the Souziya Road Marathon (My Former Fiancee)

THE NOVEL WAS TAKEN!!! (Until the next time~)

Chapter 22: (Don’t know the title!)

The novel was dropped, so, mine again… OH NO, IT WAS TAKEN AGAIN.

109.- (Don’t know the title!) (Kuhaku Light Novel Translations)
110. (Don’t know the title!) (Kuhaku Light Novel Translations)
111.- (Don’t know the title!) (Kuhaku Light Novel Translations)
112.- (Don’t know the title!) (Kuhaku Light Novel Translations)

Chapter 101:


(Published the 2019/10/12)

The Author is currently re-uploading all the chapters on a new website, so there will be no new episodes for a while. This will not affect the current translation in any way (Catora has backups, yei~)

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