LV999 – Chapter 8, Part 11

We Will Not Achieve Anything if We Keep Escaping

Part 11

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「De-Demon King-sama! You have woken up!」

Menou, who had gone to the forest to collect more firewood, shouted at the same time he threw all the firewood he had collected on the ground.

「Menou … It seems that I caused you some worries」

「Are you okay? Do you feel your throat is dry? tired? I will prepare a meal for you immediately… We have no food left! I’ll go hunt something right now!」

「Enough. You’re still as restless as ever, do I have to always tell you to do things more calmly?」

「I’m-… I’m sorry」

Unlike the Demon King, who said those words with a warm smile on his face, Menou look really depressed after hearing them.

Kagami could not avoid starting to laugh involuntarily at the thought that maybe he was the only person in the world who had had the opportunity to see such a situation.

「That’s true, Menou doesn’t know how to hide his feelings. Isn’t he stupidly impatient? He acted in the same way when we met」

「Enough! Anyone would be surprised if someone suddenly appeared in the sky! Besides, my attacks had no effect on you!]

「Ooh, those magical explosions. Those things really hurt me a lot when they hit me. My clothes even ended up burning because of them」

「Then you should have acted as if it hurt! Kagami-dono just stood nonchalantly even after I attacked him!」

「… * Pff* Fuahahaha!」

At that moment, The Demon King gave a laugh as he watched the discussion they were having. The Demon King, thinking how incredible it was to see his subordinate, who before only saw the humans as an enemy to defeat, talking so familiarly with a human, was unable to stay his laughter.

「It seems you haven’t changed at all. Villager… I see that you still have a lot to show. You are… really strange. I’ve never met anyone like you」

「That’s not quite right」

「What do you mean?」

「Certainly, I haven’t changed, however, I can say that you are completely wrong about me. I’m not especial. I am normal. As normal as any other」

「What do you mean … that we are wrong?」

「It’s the way this world works… or something like that. Anyway, I want you to cooperate with me. It will be like in the old times」

Kagami said, extending her hand towards the Demon King. At that moment, the Demon King smiled slightly as he saw his hand outstretched.

「I have never cooperated with you. You were the only one who came to challenge me without asking. You became so strong on your own… So this will be the first time we cooperate」

Then, the Demon King took Kagami’s hand while muttering, “I have no reason to say no”.

「So? What are you thinking of doing?」

「Aah … About that-… Huh?」

Kagami, who was about to answer his question, stopped when he noticed that the Demon King stared, not at him or at Menou, but at something else. Then, Kagami turned his gaze to the place that the Demon King observed…

「Ka-Kagami-san? Da-… Dad?」

At that moment appeared Alice, who in front of the confused and unintelligible situation, was unable to contain her tears at the same time that she showed a perplexed expression.

Behind her was Tina, who was paralyzed with a confused look upon seeing them and Takako, who let out a sigh while leaning on the trunk of a tree.

「E-… Eh? Wh-What…? Eh…? Da-Dad?」

「… It’s been a while. Have you been well?」

「… Dad!」

As soon as Alice was able to put her thoughts in order, she started running towards the Demon King, who was lying on the ground, hugging him tightly to make sure he was really there.

「… You seem to have grown a little」

「Maybe… Just a little」

The Demon King, who had also been worried about Alice, lightly stroked her head, with a look of relief and joy on his face, after she jumped on him. Kagami, who observed that scene satisfied, murmured, “Right?”, At the same time he confirmed with himself that he was not wrong in what he was doing.

「Wh-What does this mean? What is the Demon King doing here with Kagami-san? Did you manage to get the 10,000 golds? No, no, no! That is not possible!」

And finally, Tina, who saw the Demon King and Alice give each other a hug, started yelling that with frustration while she approached to Kagami with Takako.

「It’s impossible that I’ve gathered it in such a short time… Although I earned a lot of money」

「I see, then? What is the Demon King doing here? Didn’t you need 10,000 gold to get him back?」

「Actually, we still have to raise the money… But before that, why are you here? Were you not taking care of the casino?」

When Kagami asked that, Tina’s look got clouded. Then, little by little, she began to cry, seeing that, Kagami’s gaze became more serious.

「Some people came from the Kingdom Capital and … they told everyone that Alice-chan was a demon. They even exposed her horn」

「Did they discover that Alice-sama was a Demon? How? Im-Impossible… David-dono told them about us?」

「No, it wasn’t like that. David-san tried to protect us. It was thanks to David-san that we managed to escape when it was revealed that Alice-chan was a demon」

Upon hearing those words, Menou muttered, “So he…”, while his gaze filled with regret for having branded David as a dangerous individual.

「Well then? How it happened? David was on our side, so how did the Kingdom people find out?」

「It was Palna… That girl was working with them」

「Ooh, I see … Now that I think about it, she looked pretty annoyed with what we were doing」

Kagami said while sighing. At the same time, Takako and Tina murmured, “It’s useless to keep thinking about it” and “So it seems”, respectively with a calm voice and a disconsolate look.

「… What about Krull and Rex?」

「They were caught by the men who came from the Capital… At that time we were surrounded, so we had no choice but to escape. Even so, taking into account their position… I doubt they are in danger. Even though I’m still worried」

「I see … In that case, Rex and Krull must already be confined to the Royal Castle」

「As I thought, We have no alternative but to forget the idea of saving them. Despite everything we’ve been through together so far, going to the Royal Capital to save Krull-chan and Rex-chan is … Wait, where’re you going, Kagami-chan?」

After Takako said those words, with an unusual cloudy look, Kagami picked up his luggage and started walking, then–


「Eh? It isn’t obvious? I’m going to the Royal Capital. You also come with me. As for why the Demon King is with us… Well, I’ll tell you on the way」


–He said that, with an expressionless look in response to Takako’s question.

「Wa-Wait, Kagami-san! Did you hear what Takako-san said? The opponent this time is not a monster! Even if we try to go to the Royal Capital, we have already been labeled as criminals who are conspiring with the Demons-… Eh !? Aaaaaaahhhh!」

「Ooh, I had not noticed. A “criminal” sign has appeared in my status window」

After hearing Tina’s words, Kagami unfolded hos status window, and then he saw that next to the place where his role was indicated, there was also a sign that recognized him as a criminal.

Tina, who hadn’t realized that, immediately displayed her status window like Kagami, then, when she saw the “criminal” sign next to her role, she let out a frightful scream.

「… What’re you gonna do, Kagami-chan?」

Takako asked as he grabbed Kagami’s shoulder, worried that he didn’t seem to mind the fact of being branded as a criminal.

「I still dono’t know, but I have things to do in the Royal Capital anyway」

「But what are you gonna do when you’re there? Tina already mentioned it before, this time we will not be facing a group of Monsters」

「No matter what our opponent is, that doesn’t change anything」

Kagami said while shaking his hand while he headed back towards the Royal Capital.

「The reason why I fought the monsters at that time was because they got in my way. This time it is the Kingdom the one who stands in my way. I’m just acting for the sake of accomplishing my goals, just like always」

「Even so… This time the opponent is too powerful」

「And that matters? Takako, don’t you want to go save Krull and Rex?」

Takako keep silent in the moment when Kagami asked her that question. It was completely the opposite, the only thing she wanted to do at the moment was go and save them. However, Takako, who understood that she couldn’t do anything with the Kingdom as her enemy, she ended up deciding to forget the idea of saving them instead of trying to do something too risky.

Kagami showed an ironic smile when he saw Takako’s appearance.

「I understand you. I would… have acted that way some time ago too. But I realized something. That doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because, under the rules of this world, we will not achieve anything if we just keep waiting without doing something about it」

Until now, Kagami had always believed that, if there was something that seemed futile to try, or impossible to avoid, it was better to step aside. Since he couldn’t understand what he had to do, it was better to do nothing than to try to achieve something impossible. However, he was just escaping.

At the same time, Kagami remembered his creed.

If it doesn’t seem 100% impossible, then fight until the end without escaping.

While the chances of victory were not 0, escape was out of the question.

「Let’s go to the Royal Capital, let’s hit everyone who gets in our way … And let’s save Rex and Krull!」

Denying was impossible. If they did not do something now, then they would not achieve anything.

Then, after Kagami somehow managed to convey his intentions, Takako and Tina nodded to each other at the same time that their gaze relaxed a bit, on the other hand, Kagami continued walking towards his destination.

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  1. Gracias bro! (Sry, i actually speaks in english) those were great chapters! Thanks for translating. Although after reading it this far, i get the feeling that kagami was being poked a joke by the one who create the system. As if an npc (a simple villager) was rebelling againt the whole game. And the developer gave him a prank skills for his stubborness (like those absurd finger skills, effectless skill, even a downgrading skill of his. Neverheless, he still give him what he actually needs like the magic repeller things).

    Me gusta

    • You’re welcome (don’t worry about it).
      Well, who knows? It isn’t as if we fully understand what is happening, I mean, yes, they have been revealing several interesting things but those are only clues and no concrete answer

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  2. Thank you very much, you’re doing great! Good luck with your school stuff.

    “You has woken up” >>> You have woken up

    “Do you feel your throat dry?” >>>
    ‘Do you feel your throat is dry?’ or ‘Do you have a dry throat?’

    “I’ll gonna hunt” >>> I’ll go hunt

    “after hear them” >>> after hearing them

    “avoid start to laughing” >>> avoid starting to laugh

    “was unable to stand his laughter” >>> was unable to stay his laughter

    “without ask” >>> without asking

    “thinking to do” >>> thinking of doing

    “Kagami turned her gaze” >>> Kagami turned his gaze 

    “You’ve been good?” >>> ‘Have you been good?’ or ‘Have you been well?’
    If it’s good, he’s asking about her behaviour. If it’s well, he’s asking about her health.

    “stroked his head” >>> stroked her head

    “he confirming” >>> he confirmed

    “What does the Demon King do here” >>> What is the Demon King doing here (twice)

    “Were not you” >>> Were you not

    “look get clouded” >>> look got clouded

    “we have no alternative but to surrender with them”
    This is odd and needs another look.

    “ended up deciding to surrender before trying anything too risky.”
    This is odd and needs another look.

    “have acted on that way” >>> have acted that way

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  3. Thank you very much for translating these chapters. Muchas gracias por los capitulos.

    And honestly, it was really nice getting those chapters at once so don’t feel bad about it either.

    This story is pretty unique and interesting.

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