LV999 – Chapter 8, Part 10

We Will Not Achieve Anything if We Keep Escaping

Part 10


『What did you say…? Are you still refusing to move on to the next stage even though you know that the Demons will not necessarily have to be reset now? Didn’t you need to move on to the next stage to fulfill your goal?』

「What I want to do right now is destroy the Reset mechanism. From what you were talking about, it seems that for now the world will not have to be Reset, but … That doesn’t change anything, does it?」

Estellar began to meditate after hearing his words. He did it because, in fact, Kagami was right.

『But … to achieve that, you shouldn’t go on to the next stage. And while you are still in this world, you can never fulfill your goal… Are you okay with that?』

「I don’t mean that, I plan to go to the next stage. But not now. If I did now … I couldn’t avoid feel sorry that I didn’t continue fighting and stopped the mechanism that causes the Reset. That’s why… before moving on to the next stage, I’ll go back to the surface and do something about it」

『What are you thinking of doing…?』

「Will it not be more fun if you see it with your own eyes? Anyway, you’ve been monitoring us all this time, right? Anyway, I will return to this place as soon as I finish with that. This time I will also gather the 10,000 gold as it should be so you don’t come complain afterwards」

After saying that, Kagami picked up the bag containing the money and his backpack, which he had thrown to the ground at the beginning of the fight. Seeing him, the Dark Dragon muttered, “Seriously, you’re a funny guy …” to himself.

「Oh, before I leave, could you give me back to the Demon King?」

『… Ah?』

「I really need the Demon King for what I’m planning to do」

『What are you saying…? I will only return the Demon King-sama when you collect the 10,000 gold. Wasn’t that our deal?』

「I know, but, wasn’t the Demon King just a guarantee you had to make sure that I collected the money? Now I plan to raise the money in the time limit no matter what happens. Besides, even if you give him to me, you can still make the arrangements for the war to break out, isn’t it? In other words, you do not need him anymore」

『The Demon King-sama possesses an overwhelming power. Giving him back to you would be a disadvantage for me…… It’s not something I can easily permit』

「Come on, I’m not strong enough to do everything alone, I need him for my plan, please, I’m asking you」

There was nothing to justify his proposal. Nor was the probability low that Kagami would betray them. However, in front of his serious gaze, which was able to extinguish any suspicion that he lied them, the Dark Dragon and Estellar, who could be called the “rulers” of this world, couldn’t avoid discarding their proud appearances at the same time they let out unexpected laughter.

『Fu- … Fufu, Fuahahaha! What fun… How much time has passed since I last felt this way? Estellar, it’s fine. I’ll lend you my help, so give him back the Demon King as he asked you. I’m sure if we give the custody of the Demon King to this man … Something interesting will happen』

When the Dark Dragon said that, Estellar nodded, with an expression that seemed to say that he thought the same thing he did, and immediately afterwards a spatial distortion was generated in front of Kagami. Then, from it, a man emerged, wearing black clothes and a trimmed beard, who fell on his back on the ground, fainted by some kind of medicine or narcotic that seemed to have administered to him.

「De-… Demon King-sama!」

At that moment, Menou started running towards the Demon King to confirm the state of his body. Then, when he confirmed that he had no injuries and was only unconscious, he let out a sigh of relief as he looked at Kagami with an smile on his face.

「Thank you, thank you very much」

『Thinking that I really would do it. I never expected that I would end up doing this. Seriously … This has already far exceeded my expectations』

Estellar said to himself, with a smile on his face, while waving his hand to say goodbye to Kagami.

『Then, until our next meeting? I wonder what in the world you plan to do as to need the Demon King-sama』

In the moment he said those words, Kagami began to be enveloped by a light, then, the next instant, Kagami’s body disappeared leaving behind a few small particles of light.


『I will be waiting for you… The One who has the potential to become the Savior』


The Dark Dragon mumbled to himself as he watched the small particles of light.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

「Ooh, have you woken up? I didn’t think you were going to wake up so soon」

Deep in the Saint Forest, in the middle of the dark night where the only light came from the soft flames of the fire, Kagami stared at the Demon King. On the other hand, the Demon King looked around dazedly as he tried to lift his heavy body.

「… ¿Wh-Where am I? What do I do here?」

The Demon King muttered in pain as he held his head.

It had been half day since they had been brought back to the surface by Estellar. Kagami and Menou, who thought it would be a bad idea to keep moving while carrying the unconscious Demon King, decided to wait in the Saint Forest until the Demon King woke up.

「… Uh? What? My magical power…?」

「It may have been disrespectful to do it without asking permission from you before, but I tied on a cloth that can suppress your magical power in the same way as I did with Alice and Menou. I had prepared three extra cloths after considering the possibility of some other Demon joining to our group. However, I never thought that I would need to use all three of them to suppress your overflowing magical power. I can not say I’m comfortable with that, but it’s not worth it to be anguished about it」

「… It seems that I’ve been saved by you again」

「Am I not an amazing apprentice, Mentor? Come on, praise me more」

「Stop saying those stupid things. Besides, who gave permission to call me that way?」

The Demon King told, with a smile on his face, to the smiling Kagami, who replied, “You didn’t?”, With an innocent tone of voice as he threw more fuel on the fire.

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  1. Thanks a bunch!

    ” to be restarted now”
    restarted >>> reset
    (You restart something that has stopped, you reset something to restore or change it.)

    “destroy the Reseted mechanism”
    Reseted >>> Reset

    “That doesn’t change anything, isn’t it?”
    isn’t it? >>> does it?

    “dono’t” >>> don’t

    “sorry of that”
    Remove the of, just use ‘sorry that’.

    “thinking to do” >>> thinking of doing

    “Will not it be” >>> Will it not be 

    “before I left” >>> before I leave

    “you can … out, isn’t it?”>>> you can … out, can’t you?

    “Give him back” >>> Giving him back 

    “I can easily access” >>> I can easily permit

    “Nor was low the probability of that” >>> Nor was the probability low that

    “avoid discard their proud appearance at the same time they let out an unexpected laugh” >>> avoid discarding their proud appearances at the same time they let out unexpected laughter

    “irrespective” >>> disrespectful

    “permission to you” >>> permission from you 

    “I put a cloth”
    put >>> ‘put on’ or even better ‘tied on’

    “use the all three” >>> use all three of them

    “saved for you” >>> saved by you

    “to call me on that way” >>> Remove the on, just use ‘to call me that way’

    Me gusta


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